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Imac Windows Installation

Imac Windows Installation

Do you own an iMac but need to run Windows applications? We can install Windows for you on your iMac. We will make sure all programs are installed on your new Windows installation on your iMac. We will even improve the new Windows installation so it runs appropriately. We can install Windows on your iMac either through Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop.

We can upgrade your Imac windows installation the same day you bring it in. Imac windows installation upgrade usually takes 3 hours. We can install windows for you usually within a few hours in case you don’t require a backup of files. If you need to backup your data, it can take 1-2 days depending on the size of the backup.

What is the cost of Imac windows installation ?

The cost of Imac windows installation is very less. The service price includes installing  windows and all updates, useful freeware utilities and software. Installing windows for your imac from FixMyGiz will always be economical than replacing your phone.

 You require this service if:

  • you want to upgrade new version of OS X.
  • your current Imac windows installation is corrupted.

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